About Me

Who is Kounty Outlaw?

Kounty Outlaw is an up and coming BMI affiliated independent songwriter and recording artist hailing from the small town of Jeffersonville, IN. Kounty made his first appearance in the music world on October 21st. of 2018; when he took to the stage of The Mercury Ballroom for his first performance ever with the RAW: Natural Born Artist Showcasing Organiztion.

On January 1st. 2019 following up his performance. Kounty released his first song titled " What I'm Here For". Not long after In March of 2019, Kounty performed in front of a panel of A&Rs at a showcase hosted by The Entourage Management Group in Hollywood California.  After returning home Kounty released two singles titled "Kaleidoscopes" and "Mistakes". Since then Kounty worked hard to release his first EP titled Neon Lights which debuted on October 14th of 2020.

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